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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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Children's Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (CMAT)

When a child has a very serious medical condition that may require long-term care, or if a child is referred for Medical Foster Care, a special team called the Children's Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (CMAT) may review the case. The CMAT may recommend long-term care services for children with very complex medical issues. For children referred for Medical Foster Care, the CMAT might make decisions about the types of care that are required. The CMAT reviews the child's medical record along with facts about the child's psychological and social needs to make these recommendations.

CMAT was created as a way to make sure children who were receiving high cost, long term medical services were getting care of the highest quality. The CMAT team includes the family and representatives from Children's Medical Services (Department of Health), Agency for Health Care Administration (Medicaid Program), and Community Based Care (Department of Children and Families). Children's Medical Services leads the coordination of the teams.

There are several reasons why a child's case might be staffed by CMAT:

  • The child is referred for Medical Foster Care
  • The child might need to be admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • To decide if new or different services are needed (continuity of care)
  • The child is a Medicaid Model Waiver applicant and requires a level of care determination


The CMAT may staff any Medicaid eligible child less than 21 years of age who has a medically complex or medically fragile condition that requires 24-hour a day continual medical, nursing or health supervision. Medical documentation must support the need for long-term care services.

Contact Information

For additional information, contact the CMAT program at (850) 245-4200, or contact your local CMS office and ask for a CMAT team member.