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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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group of teensBE READY!
Activities to help you get ready to be in charge


When you turn 18, you are technically an adult, whether you like it or not. So start getting ready now, but don't worry! We have some fun tools to help you!


high school guide coverYou're not a kid anymore- you're in high school! This activity book will help you start thinking about what adult health care is and what you can do to get ready.

Now That You're In High School
Ahora que ya está en la Escuela Secundaria




envision your future coverNow is the time to start envisioning your future. Use our guide to help you!

Envisioning My Future
Previendo Mi Futuro





CMS transition fact sheet coverDon't have time to do the other two? Open our Transition fact sheet to find out more about what transition is and how you and your family can work together to get ready.

CMS Transition Fact Sheet




Since you're not a kid anymore booklet coverThis booklet for middle school students will help them start thinking about their health care needs and health care transition. It has ideas and activities about how they can learn more about their health, how to make healthy decisions, and why health care transition is important.

Since you're not a kid anymore
Como ya usted no es un niño




image of pen and checklistThis is a shortened version of the CMS Transition Workbooks, youth/young adult sections, and can be completed by a care coordinator with a CMS enrollee, or by the enrollee alone, more easily.

Young Adult Transition Checklist



transitions workbook coverQuestions and activities to assist young teens and their families think about and prepare for health care transition.

(PDF files below are under 400kB)
Ages 12-14 De 12 a 14 años
Ages 15-17 De 15 a 17 años
Ages 18+ Edad 18 +


image of pen and checklistThis book is about you and your life…who you are now and what you want to do in the future. It also includes some information and gives you some activities to do that will help you understand what it means to be legally in charge of your health care, and help you be active, healthy and able to do more of the things you want to do now and in the future.

When You're 18

Cuando Usted Cumpla 18 Años



thumbnail image of FloridaHATS brochureThe FloridaHATS (Florida Health and Transition Services) brochure provides an overview of many resources that can help parents and teens with many of the questions they may have about transitioning from pediatric/child health care to adult health care including how to better understand health insurance, how to talk with doctors, and how to plan for a healthy future.



thumbnail image of FloridaHATS brochure10 Steps to Successful Health Care Transition provides 10 ways for teens and young adults to ensure they make a smooth transition from pediatric to adult health care.  The steps are in English and Spanish.