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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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Infant Toddler Development Training
Module 1, Lesson 3



1. Which of the following challenging conditions affects motor development?
a. cerebral palsy
b. visual impairment
c. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
d. all of the above affect motor development

2. Spina bifida has been suggested to be caused by which of the following:
a. chronic health problems
b. head trauma
c. incompatible Rh factor
d. lack of folic acid

3. Difficulty in identifying possible developmental delays includes all of the following except:
a. intermittent health problems
b. variations in children's achievements
c. different parenting patterns
d. even maturation and consistent conditions in the child's environment

4. Stiffness and joint pain are symptoms of which of the following developmental disorders/disabilities?
a. cerebral palsy
b. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
c. scoliosis
d. spina bifida

5. Which of the following is not an example of neuromotor impairment?
a. Fragile X Syndrome
b. seizure disorders
c. spina bifida
d. traumatic brain injuries


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