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Infant Toddler Development Training
Module 5, Lesson 4



1. Greg is a 30 month old child with a hearing impairment. Given this limited information, which of the following participants would most likely be included in the IFSP meeting for Greg?
a. family, infant toddler developmental specialist, speech/language pathologist and service coordinator
b. program administrator, service coordinator, and nurse
c. physical therapist, nutritionist, and speech language pathologist
d. nurse, neighbor, and service coordinator

2. During an IFSP meeting, which suggestion is not one recommended in this lesson for creating an environment in which everyone feels welcome and supported?
a. Have all participants seated at the same time rather than parents walking into a room full of professionals who are already seated.
b. Have the parents sit next to the professional they know best and with whom they are most comfortable.
c. Allow parents the opportunity to speak first and participate in a way that is most comfortable for them.
d. Ask the family to bring a document containing definite functional outcomes.

3. You have discovered several state resources which connect families and/or address specific disabilities. Which pair of Florida resources were important ones referenced in this lesson?
a. Parent to Parent of Miami and Florida Institute for Family Involvement
b. Family Network on Disabilities, Inc. and United Coalition for Disability Rights
c. Parent to Parent of Miami and Tallahassee Center for Disabilities
d. All of the above.

4. When planning for an effective IFSP meeting with the family and other team members, all of the following information should be determined during the pre-planning except
a. special accommodations or supports needed by the family
b. need for interpreters
c. functional outcomes that will go on the IFSP
d. room size

5. If at all possible, the following team member should decide where the IFSP meeting will take place.
a. the facilitator
b. the family
c. the program administrator
d. the ITDS


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