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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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Infant Toddler Development Training
Module 6, Lesson 1



1. The time during the gestation period in which a severe disability is most likely to occur is the
a. perinatal period
b. early prenatal period
c. postnatal period
d. late prenatal period

2. How long does the embryonic stage of development last?
a. 2 - 7 weeks
b. 5 - 10 weeks
c. 7 - 14 weeks
d. 12 - 24 weeks

3. Which is an example of a teratogen that can affect the developing fetus?
a. riboflavin
b. folic acid
c. alcohol
d. oxygen

4. Florida provides information on the rates of births and infant deaths in several ways. These include all but one of the following. What is not included?
a. Total Resident Live Birth to Unwed Mother, by County
b. Total Resident Live Birth, by Birth Weight, by County
c. Resident Live Birth by Father's Race, by County
d. Resident Fetal Deaths, by Race of Mother, Recorded Marriages, by Race of Groom, and Dissolutions of Marriage, by County

5. A good example of a local resource for families with medically complex children is
a. library reading group for tots
b. church youth exercise class
c. support group such as spina bifida
d. carpeted mall indoor play areas


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