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Module One: Lesson Three

Written Summary of Procedural Safeguards

family smilingIt is important that families understand their applicable rights and responsibilities throughout their involvement with the Early Steps system. All families involved in Early Steps must receive a written summary of procedural safeguards. Families must be given the Summary of Procedural Safeguards - Part C Notice. This notice should be redistributed to families with each time there is a change in the Individualized Family Support Plan.

Verbal Explanation of Procedural Safeguards

In addition to providing the family with the written summary of safeguards, the information must be explained verbally to the family and signatures must be obtained documenting the receipt and understanding of their procedural safeguards rights. Explanations of rights and safeguards should be a part of the service coordinators' and providers' ongoing conversations with families. Although some rights and safeguards (e.g., written prior notice) can be explained when they occur in the early intervention process, others (e.g., right to request mediation) need to be explained from the beginning in case a family may need them. Alternative methods, such as videotapes and brochures may be used to assist in providing explanations to families; however, they should not replace verbal explanations.


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