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Module One: Lesson Three


The service coordinator, or other trained provider, is responsible for seeing that parents are informed about the procedural safeguards that protect their rights throughout the early intervention process. It is critical that parents be given and understand their rights. The context and manner in which this information is shared should set the stage for future positive interactions. The following activity is an opportunity for you to practice providing understandable explanations of procedural safeguards to families.

Directions: For each of the following procedural safeguards in Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) write down how you would explain it in an understandable way to families. For more information on each procedural safeguard, click on the link to go to the corresponding federal regulation.

Opportunity to examine records(34 CFR 303.402)

Use of native language or preferred way of communicating (34 CFR 303.401 and 403)

Written informed prior notice (34 CFR 303.403)

Written parent consent (34 CFR 303.404)

Confidentiality and release of information (34 CFR 303.401 & .460)

Accept or decline services without jeopardy (34 CFR 303.405)

Appointment of surrogate parent (34 CFR 303.406)

Right to mediation (34 CFR 303.419)

Complaint procedures (34 CFR 303.510-512) - not a part of procedural safeguards, however, included here for the sake of congruity.

Right to a due process hearing (34 CFR 303.420 – 425)

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