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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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Module One: Lesson Three

Elements of Family-Centered Service Delivery System

graphic of puzzle peicesThe elements of a family-centered service delivery system begin with the essential recognition of the family as the constant in the child's life. Although each key element of family-centered care can be examined individually, it is the integration of all of the elements into a cohesive philosophy of service delivery that makes the difference. When taken together, the elements of family-centered service delivery result in policies and practices in which the pivotal role of the family is recognized and respected. Families are supported in their care-giving roles by building on their unique strengths as individuals and families. Opportunities are created for families to make informed choices for their children, and, more importantly, these choices are respected. A family-centered approach also results in policies and practices where family/professional partnerships are clearly evident.

The eight elements of family-centered care are listed below. Please click on each element before proceeding in this lesson. The module exam and the final cumulative exam will contain questions about the eight elements of family-centered care.

Elements of Family-Centered Care


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