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Module Two: Lesson Two

Preparation for the RBI

Preparation for the interview simply consists of asking the family and any child care staff to think about their daily activities and events and to consider how well the child functions in each of those "routines." They are alerted that the structure of the planning meeting will be routines.

This preparation consists of caregivers identifying their typical-day routines and coming prepared to talk about:

  • what everyone does
  • what the child does
  • how happy they are with the routine

Forms for use during the interview are available in Family-Centered Intervention Planning: A Routines-Based Approach (McWilliam, 1992), available through www.VanderbiltChildDevelopment.us, for those who like them! Another dimension of the preparation is determining who will be there and where the interview will take place. The family should be given free choice or a broad array of choices.


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