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Module Two: Lesson Two

Implementation Issues of the RBI

In this next video segment, Dr. McWilliam answers these questions about implementing the RBI:

  • When do you conduct a Routines-Based Interview?
  • Who does this interview?
  • What skills are needed to conduct the interview?
  • How long does it take?

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Text version

Some implementation issues that you will need to consider is "Who does this interview?" and that's a local decision. You can decide that in the field. It can be a family service coordinator; it could be a primary service provider, someone in the community who is a good interviewer. Any of those are possibilities.

The key skills are knowledge of child development and family functioning and solution focused interviewing. You've got to know your child development and you've got to know your family functioning to be able to ask sensible questions to families about their routines.

The routines based interview usually happens between evaluation and finalizing the IFSP, because of course, you develop the outcomes from it, or the family develops the outcomes. It takes about one and a half hours, which is actually a small investment of time for the big impact that it has. Families love it. It requires good interview skills, as I've said.

There are logistical difficulties when involving childcare providers, because a lot of childcare providers can't leave children to go do, you know, to be at this interview. So, sometimes you have to do it in different stages. And, of course, if the family and the interviewer don't speak the same language, there are huge problems with that, even if you use an interpreter. It's more awkward, but we have to deal with that in everything else we do in early intervention, anyway. I'm just acknowledging that reality.


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