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Module Two: Lesson Three


Early Intervention Team Models

You just learned that the primary service provider (PSP) model is synonymous with the transdisciplinary approach. In IDEA, Part C, multidisciplinary services are emphasized from evaluation and assessment through transition. However, the regulations refer to multidisciplinary services to define how many professionals must be involved, not how the team is to function. Team approaches have basically evolved into three models. They are (1) multidisciplinary, (2) interdisciplinary, and (3) transdisciplinary team models.

Please read the following characteristics of each type of early intervention team model and complete the activity.

  Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary Transdisciplinary
Professional Roles

Professionals from multiple disciplines provide services independently

Individual professional identity is more important than team identity.

Professionals from multiple disciplines provide services independently.

Individual assessments are performed by each professional.

Identity as a collective team supercedes individual identity.

Evaluations conducted by team as a group.

Information and skills are shared or transferred across disciplinary boundaries.

Family Roles Family participates as much as each professional involves them.

Family is more active in team process.

Parent participation is encouraged and opinions and concerns are taken into consideration by the team.

Families are active participants in planning, implementation and evaluation of the plan.
IFSP Planning

Goals and objectives are written separately by each professional.

Information is shared, but a fragmented perspective of the child is presented.

Interaction is less important since the team is not primary vehicle for action.

Program planning is accomplished through active teamwork and shared goals.

Team meets periodically for each discipline to share information, discuss planned goals and objectives.

Team, including family, writes goals and objectives together.

All team members participate in planning and monitoring services.

Some team members serve as "proxy" to others (e.g. role release)

Implementing Services

Discipline specific goals and objectives are implemented by each discipline.

Pertinent information is overlooked since the team does not meet to "tie it together".

Leads to conflict and duplication of recommendations.

Plan written by the team.

Program implementation is provided by individual team members who meet to discuss progress and future recommendations.

Duplication of services can occur.

Typically, one member, the primary service provider, takes the lead in providing services while using the other team members as consultants, as needed.

Role release occurs with an exchange of information, knowledge, and skills across disciplinary boundaries.

Eliminates the possibility of conflicting recommendations and duplication of services.

Now that you know a little more about each type of early intervention team approach, think about what the benefits are of utilizing a primary service provider/transdisciplinary model. When you are ready, enter them in the box below. This activity is intended to be reflective and provide an opportunity for you to think about the teams you work with currently or have worked with in the past. Once you have entered the benefits, please click the "Feedback" button below to see the benefits identified by Robin McWilliam.

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