Panama City Beach
Billing FAQs


Q.   Do I need an appointment to be seen?
A.   Most clients seen at Bay CHD have appointments. Walk-ins are accepted if our medical staff is available.

Q.   What do I need to bring when I come in for my appointment?
A.   You need to bring in proof of income for all household members. Allowances are made if you are a minor.

Q.   Are services free at Bay CHD?
A.   There are established fees for services provided at Bay CHD. These fees are approved by the Bay County Commission.

Q.   Are fees based on income?
A.   Yes, for all services excluding adult immunizations, overseas immunizations, death and birth certificates

Q.   Can I find out before I come in how much I will have to pay?
A.   Yes. When you make your appointment, ask for a financial clerk who will enter your income and household data into the computer system which will then generate the percentage of the fee you will be responsible for.

Q.   What if I can't pay for my visit when I come In? Will I be seen?
A.   Payment arrangements can be made with the cashier. Bay CHD will not refuse to provide services based on inability to pay.

Q.   If I have made payment arrangements, can I mail my payment in?
A.   Yes. Payments may be sent to: 597 W 11th St. Panama City, FL 32401.

Q.   Do you bill my insurance, Medicaid or Medicare?
A.   The billing office will file for Medicaid and Medicare visits.  We do not accept insurance but will assist in providing information so you can file for reimbursement.

Q.   If I am a minor, and owe for my visit, will my parents receive a bill?
A.   Bills are never sent to the home of a minor, clients receiving HIV or Sexual Transmitted Disease services. All services received at Bay CHD are confidential.

Q.   Do you accept credit cards for payment?
A.   Yes. MasterCard and Visa