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The Epidemiology section is responsible for the surveillance (identification and detection) of reportable communicable diseases.   This is accomplished through the monitoring of enteric diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases, invasive bacterial diseases, arthropod-borne diseases, other diseases, and animal bites.

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  • (850) 872-4720 ext 1269
  • After 5 PM & Weekends: (850) 872-4720
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  •  (850) 747-5475 

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Epidemiology Links

Department of Health Link (Opens in a new window)

State Department of Health information about specific diseases:

Centers for Disease Control Link (Opens in a new window)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information about specific diseases:

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Information frequently requested from the Epidemiology Department:


HIV/AIDS reporting form PDF - 70KB (Opens in new window)

HIV/AIDS case reporting form

Reporting form for diseases other than HIV/AIDS PDF - 361KB (Opens in new window)

Reporting form for Diseases other than HIV/AIDS:

Reportable Disease List PDF - 71KB (Opens in a new window)

Reportable Disease List

PDF - 784KB (Opens in a new window)

Healtcare Preactitioner Preporting Guidlines of Notifiable Diseases or Conditions in Florida


Outpatient TB Referral Form (PDF - 49KB Opens in a new window)

Outpatient TB Referral Form PDF - 40KB (Opens in a new window) TB Referral Policy Memo 1/22/2012


 MRSA (Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus)

General information PDF - 18KB (Opens in new window)

General information

Florida Department of Health MRSA PDF -17KB (Opens in new window)

Florida Department of Health MRSA Document


Norovirus General Information PDF - 19KB (Opens in new window)

Norovirus General Information

Controlling Norovirus in Healthcare Facilities PDF - 15KB (Opens in new window)

Controlling Norovirus in Healthcare Facilities


Scabies Link PDF - 92KB (Opens in new window)

Fast Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers. CDC Scabies Fact Sheet Link (Opens in a new window) Scabies Fact Sheet for the general public.

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Adobe Reader Link (Opens in new window) These documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed it may be downloaded free from Adobe.

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