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Healthy Start

 Healthy Start

Florida's Healthy Start initiative was signed into law on June 4, 1991. Healthy Start legislation provides for universal risk screening of all Florida's pregnant women and newborn infants to identify those at risk of poor birth, health and developmental outcomes.

 Healthy Start includes targeted support services that address identified risks. The range of free and voluntary Healthy Start services available to pregnant women, infants and children up to age three include:

  • Childbirth, breastfeeding and car seat education classes
  • Comprehensive assessment of service needs in light of family and community resources.
  • Home visits to provide education and support for breastfeeding, baby weight checks, parenting, immunization information and safe sleep.
  •  Ongoing coordination to assure access to needed services and support to help families attain their goals.
  •  Developmental screening, psychosocial assessments, nutritional education, smoking cessation counseling or referrals as needed.
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    For further information call (850) 872-4455 extension 1190 or 1193.


    MomCare is Medicaid health insurance for pregnant women. Maternity Care Advisors are ready to assist you with choosing a provider, discussing your Medicaid benefits and will help you get the care and services you need to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. MomCare is sponsored by the Florida Department of Health and Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration.

    If you have questions about the MomCare Program, please contact the Bay County Health Department at (850) 872-4455 and speak with J.Lee Bernard at ext 1364 or Danette Hobbs at ext 1104.