Bay County Health Department
Teen Outreach Program

Did You Know?

  • In 2010, 4.6% of Bay County girls 10 - 6 years old had at least one child. The state average is 3.7%.
  • In 2010, 5.0% of Bay County middle school students were held back a year. The state average is 2.7%.
  • In 2010, only 70.4% of Bay County middle school students said they felt save at school. The state average is 76.3%.
  • In 2010, 13,843 youth were victims of dating violence. (These are the ones that have sought help.)
    Stats from Florida Charts and the Family Violence Prevention and Service Program.

Teen Outreach Program

The Bay County Health Department received the Teen Outreach Program grant in 2011 to address these and other issues related to teens. Students learn important life skills through lessons like: Developing Healthy Friendships, How to Deal with Social and Peer Pressures, How to be Assertive Without Being Aggressive, and Three C's of good decision making. Youth also participate Community Service learning projects throughout the county.

Why Teen Outreach Program?

The Teen Outreach Program (TOP) focuses on delaying and preventing risky behaviors that could lead to early and unwanted pregnancy, suspension, academic failure and school dropout.

Top participants compared with non-participants:

  • 52% lower rate of suspension.

  • 53% lower rate of pregnancy.

  • 60% lower rate of academic course failure.

  • 60% lower school dropout rate.


    • TOP helps young people develop Health Behaviors needed for successful achievement in school as well as life-long goals.
    • TOP helps young people acquire valuable Life Skills in order to develop the necessary competencies and capacities to grow into healthy, self-sustaining adults.
    • TOP gives young people a Sense of Purpose through reliable opportunities that allow them to contribute in meaningful ways through community service.

Important Phone Numbers

Bay County Health Department

Bonnie Steelman
Teen Outreach Grant Manager and Facilitator
850-872-4455 ext. 1908

National Dating Abuse Help Line

Anchorage Children's Home

Panama City Rescue Mission

Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort Inc.

Life Management