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Bring The Kids!

This page is devoted to the kids; or the kid in you.

Losing weight and staying in shape can be lots of fun!!!

A Few Fun Fads to Fuel your Fitness:

Collage of Children Playing

For more information, here are a few sites that can make your road trip a blast:

Parents:  please view these websites prior to allowing your children to access them.
(Kids, get your parents' permission before viewing these websites.)

Eat Smart, Play Hard Link (Opens in a new window)

Learn how to eat smart and play hard!

Body and Mind Link (Opens in a new window)

Body and Mind  (BAM) is a website for kids 9-13 years old who like to have fun and make healthy lifestyle choices. Cool games, quizzes and other fun features are just a click away. Link (Opens in a new window) is an awesome site for kids like you, who like to play hard and have fun. There are cool recipes, fun facts and tons of games you can play alone or with your friends.

Powergul Girls Link (Opens in a new window)

Powerful girls have powerful bones! Visit this cool Web site to find out how you can build strong bones. Try out our interactive skeleton and awesome games and quizzes. You'll also discover fun weight-bearing physical activities and recipes for yummy foods with calcium.


Disclaimer: The Calhoun County Health Department does not endorse any specific products or regimens on these websites. Please consult your physician before you or your child begin an exercise program.