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Helpful Tips & Resources to help you lose weight

  1. Stop sweet drinks.  Cut out sodas, cold drinks, alcohol, all sweet juices and flavored milk.  Drink diet sodas or water instead.
  2. Keep a record of what you eat and how many calories each meal contains.  This will help you to keep an account of what and how much you are putting into your body.
  3. Reduce your portion sizes.
  4. Do not supersize anything and do not bother cleaning your plate; stop eating when you are full.
  5. Become physically active. Walking, biking, raking leaves, swimming, gardening, jogging, dancing, and playing sports are all forms of exercise that will keep you active and in great shape.  You can walk, jog or ride your bicycle on the Blountstown Greenway, or at Sam Atkins Park.
  6. Bring the kids ~ they will benefit from the exercise and from time spent with you.

Beware of Road Hazards!