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Healthy Start

Program Details

The Healthy Start program was initiated in 1991 by the late Governor Chiles in an effort to reduce fetal and infant mortality, reduce the number of pre-term deliveries and improve pregnancy outcomes.                                                                                                

Healthy Start provides information on pregnancy, nutrition and the development of the baby before the baby is born.  HS is resourceful in giving information to participants in how to sign up for WIC and how to get help from local agencies for housing, clothing, food and much more. 

Healthy Start can answer questions like:

  • What happens to my body while I’m pregnant?
  • What should I eat while I’m pregnant so my baby will be healthy?
  • Does my smoking effect the baby while it’s still in me?
  • What will labor be like?

Healthy Start is not a class.  It does not cost anything,
Our goal in Healthy Start is to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy and to help you have a safe delivery so you and your baby will have a better start on your new life together.

    For more information regarding Healthy Start, please contact Valery Lawton, FSW at (850) 547-8684 x18 or Gabby Sanders, LPN at (850) 547-8684 x16.

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    • Any pregnant woman or infant from birth to age 3 is eligible for Healthy Start Services. 
    • No income requirements are necessary to receive Healthy Start Services.

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    • Home visits by a Nurse or a Family Support Worker.
    • Educational information about having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
    • Referrals to other Community agencies as needed.
    • Psycho-social Counseling.
    • Educational classes on Childbirth that include labor and delivery, relaxation, comfort measures, and newborn care.
    • Education and support to assist with stopping smoking.
    • Education and support to assist with Breastfeeding.
    • Education and support to assist with Parenting.
    • Education and support to assist with Family Planning, Women's Health, nutrition, and exercise.

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    Contact Person

    •  Valery Lawton, Family Support Worker (850) 547-8684 x18 

    • Gabby Sanders, LPN (850) 547-8684  x16