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Water Sampling

The Martin County Health Department samples wells around contamination sites and wells that are regulated by our office. 

What should I test my well for?

If you are not having specific problems, a good start is to test for disease-causing bacteria, nitrate and lead.  These samples must be taken and transported using approved techniques.

What laboratories test water in this area?

Big Lake Laboratory, Okeechobee  863-763-3336
Everglades Laboratory, West Palm Beach  561-833-4200
Flowers Chemical Laboratory, Port St. Lucie  772-343-8006
Jupiter Environmental Laboratory, Jupiter  561-575-0030
Nutting Environmental Laboratory, Boynton Beach  561-732-7200

Here is a link to a complete list of state laboratories:

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

Why is my water brown?

How can I look up my well permit?
To access well permit information on your property, follow these steps:
Go to:
User Name: PUBLIC
Password: PUBLIC
File Cabinet: MARTIN COUNTY (enter MARTIN COUNTY as two separate words)
Click Login
• On the top of the page, click Retrieve
• On the drop down menu, choose permit type. There are three (3) categories: Septic, Well, and I/M (Industrial Manufacturing and Commercial systems).
• Enter the property address (i.e. house number), street name (without north, east, west, or south), and other information such as lot, block and subdivision. Usually entering just a house number is a good idea as it will bring up two or three properties to choose from.
Once you have accessed information on your property, you will be able to rotate the site plans, using the buttons on top. You also have the ability to print out the information or e-mail it to your contractor.

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