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Septic Systems

Septic tank and drain field installation

Septic tank and drain field installation

 The Martin County Health Department issues permits and conducts inspections for:

  • All new and repaired septic systems
  • Structures that are proposed to be renovated
  • Aerobic treatment units
  • Businesses that conduct industrial, manufacturing or commercial activities
  • Septic tank pump trucks 

Here are links to more information related to septic systems:


Florida Department of Health Onsite Sewage


Martin County Code: information related to codes search “septic”.


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Permitting Procedures


  1. Steps for obtaining a New Septic System Permit


 Septic Repairs:

  1. Application for Construction Permit
  2. Site Plan
  3. Site Evaluation and System Specifications
  4. Existing System and Repair Evaluation
  5. Existing System Data

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    Access to Septic and Well Information on Your Property


    Find the location of your septic system or well.

    Follow these steps using Ebridge Solutions


    Ebridge Solutions:

    User Name: Public

    Password: public (password is lowercase)

    File Cabinet: Martin County

    Click Login

    • On the top of the page, click Retrieve
    • On the drop down menu, choose permit type. There are two (2) categories: Septic and Well.
    • Enter the property address (i.e. house number), street name (without north, east, west, or south), and other information such as lot, block and subdivision. Usually entering just a house number is a good idea as it will bring up two or three properties to choose from.

    Once you have accessed information on your property, you will be able to rotate the site plans, using the buttons on top. You also have the ability to print out the information or e-mail it to your contractor.


    We have thousands of permits entered. Updates will occur periodically. Please contact us at 772-221-4090 if you have difficulty finding your permit.


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