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Well Construction

Well Construction

The Martin County Health Department issues over 600 well construction and abandonment permits every year. All wells that are installed or abandoned in Martin County must be permitted by our office.

How do I get a permit to drill or abandon a well?

A well contractor normally submits an application with the required fee. Here is link to well construction/abandonment application: FORM 62-532.900(1) Statewide Well Permit Application 10-07-10.pdf An inspector will review the application for completeness and then issue a permit if all requirements are met. 

How much does a permit cost?

$150.00 Construct well (excludes public supply wells)
$175.00 Abandon and replace well at one site (Both permits applied for at same time)
$75.00 Abandon one well
$300.00  Construct two or more monitoring wells on one property
$150.00 Abandon 2 or more monitoring, assessment, irrigation or non public drinking water wells on one property
$300.00 Construct public supply well that is less than 6" in diameter
$400.00 Construct public supply well that is 6" or greater in diameter

How do I know if my well contractor is licensed?

Here is the link to the well contractor database: (Go to WWCVC Search Page)

How can I look up my well permit?

To access well permit information on your property, follow these steps:
Go to:
User Name: PUBLIC
Password: PUBLIC
File Cabinet: MARTIN COUNTY (enter MARTIN COUNTY as two separate words)
Click Login
• On the top of the page, click Retrieve
• On the drop down menu, choose permit type. There are three (3) categories: Septic, Well, and I/M (Industrial Manufacturing and Commercial systems).
• Enter the property address (i.e. house number), street name (without north, east, west, or south), and other information such as lot, block and subdivision. Usually entering just a house number is a good idea as it will bring up two or three properties to choose from.
Once you have accessed information on your property, you will be able to rotate the site plans, using the buttons on top. You also have the ability to print out the information or e-mail it to your contractor.
Where can I find the rules concerning well construction?

Chapter 62-532, Florida Administrative Code
Chapter 40E-3, Florida Administrative Code

How do I find my SFWMD water-use permit?

The South Florida Water Management District issues water-use permits for all well construction at locations other than single family homes. Here is the link to the applications that have been submitted: Water use applications and permits

Were can I find a well completion form?

Well Completion Report

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