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Community Health Education / Lending Library


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This electronic "train the trainer" leanding library prvides you with the tools you need to get started teaching your own health education progams and classes.

The Community Health Education Program works to improve the health and quality of life for Nassau County's residents by training local agencies, worksites, and other community organizations to host their own health education classes, seminars, and programs.  This electronic “train the trainer” lending library provides you with the tools you need to get started.  Click on the below icons to learn more about the following topics that are now available including: healthy cooking, health savvy shopper, diabetes, colorectal cancer prevention, walking with ease and arthritis. See information below. If you are interested in using these classes and programs, please contact the Community Health Education Program Office at 904-548-1853.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Fruits and Vegetables

Length of classes: Four 2-hour classes
Description: This four part series includes hands-on cooking classes and nutrition lessons for those interested in learning about proper food safety & food handling, healthy food ingredients, and delicious recipe modifications that you can share with your family. The class is divided into cooking groups and the entire class comes together to sample the meal together. Participants are encouraged to share their own healthy cooking tips, lessons learned, and fun menu ideas. ***Please note that the price of food ingredients typically costs $50 for one person over the course of the four classes.
Tool Kit Includes:

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Healthy Savvy Shopper Classes

Shopping Cart

Length of classes: Two 2-hour classes
Description: This two part healthy shopper series includes one day in the classroom and then a second day on a guided tour in the grocery store. This class is geared towards those who are interested in learning about good nutrition, reading food labels and choosing the healthiest options within a budget.
Tool Kit Includes:

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Diabetes Classes


Length of classes: Four 2 hour classes
Description: This four-part series equips an instructor to facilitate an interactive class discussion on diabetes self-management by using colorful road map poster. Topics include myths about diabetes, healthy meal planning/carbohydrate counting, hypo/hyperglycemia, A1C/blood glucose monitoring and complications of diabetes.
Tool-kit Includes:

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Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Screening Seminar

Colorectal Cancer
Length of Seminar: One class (1.5 hours duration)
Description: This class includes a 45 minutes Power Point presentation on colorectal cancer prevention and screening. Participants will learn the lifestyle & risk factors associated with colorectal cancer, as well as prevention and screening.
Tool Kit Includes:

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Walk With Ease Walking Program

Lets move

Length of Program: Self-management walking program designed for 6 weeks.
Description: This six week program, which was developed by the Arthritis Foundation, is excellent for any fitness level. This evidence based tool-kit has everything you need inside one book, which serves as your guide to walking for better health, improved fitness and less pain. This program is suitable for most anyone who is interested in incorporating walking into their routine. ***Twelve tool-kits are available for loan at one time over the course of six weeks.
Tool Kit Includes:

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Arthritis Foundation

arthritis foundation

Length of Program: Self-management exercise program designed for 6 weeks
Description: With more than 600,000 copies sold, this program was recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and the Arthritis Society. The Arthritis toolkit contains information and tips that help many people with arthritis live happier, healthier, more comfortable lives. This program is suitable for most anyone who is interested in incorporating walking into their routine. ***One Spanish and eight English tool-kits are available for loan at one time over the course of six weeks.

Critical to the success of these efforts are partnerships with state and local health and education agencies, voluntary associations, faith-based settings, and other organizations. Together, the Department of Health and its partners are working to create a healthy Florida.

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