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Epilogue - Florida Department of Health in Volusia County Disease Surveillance Quarterly Newsletter

- - -   ON CALL - - -

If there is an Epidemiology situation after hours (i.e., rabies, meningitis, measles, food borne outbreak)

Monday - Friday, 5 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Weekends and Holidays

Phone: 386-316-5030

Welcome to the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County, Office of Epidemiology and Communicable Disease Control.

Our primary responsibility is to monitor communicable diseases listed in Chapter 64D-3 of the Florida Administrative Code and investigate outbreaks. Our office consists of a group of highly qualified health personnel who are trained to conduct investigations and surveillance of communicable diseases.

Office of Epidemiology and Communicable Disease Control staff members are engaged in a wide array of activities, including:

  • Surveillance and reporting of communicable diseases and conditions.
  • Field investigation of case and outbreak situations.
  • Analysis and distribution of public health data via publications, presentations and reports.
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C counseling and education
  • Lead poisoning prevention services, such as screening, surveillance and case management.
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B screening, surveillance and case management.
  • Community Outreach Health Education Activities.

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) also has a web site www.flhealth.gov where you can find more health information, statistics, and a list of county health departments. During a health emergency, the DOH may issue a local, regional, or statewide health advisory. Health advisories can be found on the FDOH web site.

After cases are reported to the State Health Office, they are forwarded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Visit the (CDC) web site

Visite el Web site (CDC):

Reporting Information for Physicians, Laboratories and Hospitals

If you need to report a disease but are not sure if it is a reportable disease or condition, see the list of Reportable Disease/Conditions in Florida

If you need to report an animal bite, please complete the following form and fax it to our office at 386-641-0641

The Physician/Hospital Report of Communicable Diseases is the form used to report communicable diseases. Please complete the following form and fax or mail it to our office with a copy of the lab report. Report of Communicable Diseases form

There are other communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS that are covered under Chapter 64D-3. If you want to know where to send a report on any of the reportable diseases and conditions, please report these diseases to their respective programs.


Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  
Fax: 386-274-0641  
Phone: 386-274-0634
Phone: 386-274-0646
Phone: 386-274-0654
  • Eastside Volusia County (Daytona)
Phone: 386-274-0633
  • Westside Volusia County (DeLand)
Phone: 386-274-0588

Chapter 381 -

Report of diseases of public health significance to the Health Department


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