Mission: To protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.
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Be Active Be Healthy

Community Health

Community Health collaborates with community partners to develop and implement strategies to prevent or reduce risk factors for chronic disease. These strategies include activities directed toward:

  • Promoting physical activity

  • Improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Eliminating health disparities

Our initiatives that support the above strategies include:

Make the healthy choice the easy choice Daytona Beach ACHIEVE - A collaborative effort dedicated to developing and implementing policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to make the healthy choice, the easy choice in Daytona Beach. Supported by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Link opens in a new window - Let's Move Volusia's Youth - A public-private partnership dedicated to addressing the problem of obesity among children and adolescents withing a generation by creating healthy enbironments for children and families.


Worksite Wellness Council of Volusia County. A collaboration of worksite wellness coordinators that promotes healthy lifestyles in the work-setting by sharing best practices resources and providing technical assistance to employers in the community.


Be Active Be Healthy Tip - Vary your pace when walking: start out slowly then increase your speed, include short bursts of speedwalking, then cool down with a slower pace at the end of your walk.

Link opens in a new window - Featured Park: Wes Crile Park - Deltona, Florida

Page last updated: 03/19/13