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International Travel Shots


The Volusia County Health Department offers immunizations for international travel at the Daytona Beach, DeLand, Deltona and New Smyrna Beach Clinics.

Please call ahead if Yellow Fever vaccine is needed due to limited supplies.
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Appointment Information:

  •   Plan weeks ahead for your trip by allowing enough time for your immunization requirements

  •   Bring all immunization and travel records with you

  •   Advise the nurse of any known allergies, previous reactions, pregnancy or breast feeding status

Vaccinations for International Travel
Immunizations   Vaccine Schedule   Recommended  


Hepatitis A   2 shots #1 day 0 and #2 in 6 months   yes   Younger than 2 years
Hepatitis B   3 shots #1 day 0; #2 in 30 days; #3 6 months from #1   yes   allergy to yeast, pregnancy/breastfeeding
Twinrix   3 shots #1 day 0; #2 in 30 days; #3 6 months from #1   yes   allergy to yeast, pregnancy/breastfeeding
Tetanus   1 every 5 years   yes   previous reactions to vaccine
Typhoid   1 every 2 years   at risk areas   previous reactions to vaccine
Yellow fever*   1 every 10 years   at risk areas   eggs, pregnancy, breast feeding, previous reaction
Polio   series of 3 or 1 adult booster   at risk areas   sensitive to neomycin or streptomycin
Meningitis   every 2 years if at risk   close contact in new environment   pregnancy, acute illness, sensitivity to thimerosal
Flu   every year   yes   eggs, previous reaction
Pneumonia   as indicated   yes    
Rabies   consult nurse   if at risk    
MMR*   series of 2 plus 1 as adult   yes   pregnancy, acute illness
*live vaccine


Travel Considerations:

  •   Obtain prescription from your personal physician or walk-in clinic for malaria.

  •   Use protective clothing and DEET.

  •   Make sure your medical insurance covers international travel and air lift to U.S.. Take adequate supplies of medications.

  •   Leave valuables at home.

  •   Use safe water (bottled or boiled) for hygiene and recreation.

  •   Protect your personal travel documents.

  •   When it comes to food and beverages if you can not cook it, boil it, peel it then forget it. Use caution when using ice.

  •   Avoid contacts with animals.

  •   Wash hands frequently with suitable water supply or use an alcohol based gel.

Additional information can be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website - What You Need to Know About Vaccinations and Travel: A Checklist

Page last updated: 04/15/14