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Vital Statistics - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who do you make a check payable to?

    • Volusia County Health Department

  • Where are you located?

  • Can I order by fax?

    • No.

  • Can I obtain my childs Birth Certificate even though he/she is over 18?

    • Yes, at any time.

  • I've just had a baby. How do I get a Birth Certificate for my new born?

    • The birth certificate is not automatically mailed to the parent after birth. The parent must apply for the birth certificate through a Vital Statistics office and pay the proper fee.

  • Do I have to order my birth certificate from the county I was born in?

    • No, you can order your birth certificate from most counties within the State of Florida, (counties you cannot purchase an out of county birth certificate from are Glades, Hendry, Hamilton and Nassau).

  • Can I order my birth certificate from Florida if I was born in another state?

    • No.

  • Can I order my grandchild's birth certificate?

    • Only if you have completed the affidavit to release a Florida birth certificate, or if you have legal custody of your grandchild with legal guardianship papers and proper valid identification.

Page last updated: 04/5/13