Washington County FL Health Department
Environmental Health

Our environmental Health program protects the health of the population by monitoring and regulating activities which may contribute to transmission of diseases.

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We permit on-site-sewage systems, sewage stabilization sites, land spread operations, Swimming pools, bathing places, mobile home parks, tanning facilities, limited use public water systems and food service for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day cares, bars, detention facilities and civic organizations
Waste Disposal:
Ensure that on-site sewage disposal systems are properly planned, installed and maintained to prevent the spread of disease.

Food Inspection:

Ensure that certain food service establishments operate in a safe & sanitary manner according to the State regulations.
Other Inspections:
Inspect day care centers, schools, mobile home/ recreational vehicle parks, swimming pools, bathing places, & other public & private group care facilities for sanitary and safety issues.  Staff also investigates animal bites & sanitary nuisance complaints.

Water Supplies:

We ensure that private and certain public water supplies are in compliance with state and local regulations.

Environmental Epidemiology:

Monitor & investigate unusual occurrences of environmentally related diseases.

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