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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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Children's Cardiac Program

Most children are born with a normal, healthy heart. In some cases, though, children are born with defects or abnormalities, known as cardiac anomalies. Having a child with a cardiac or heart problem can be very upsetting to parents. It is important to know that CMS is here to help you find and provide resources to help your baby. It may also be helpful to understand that cardiac health problems in children can be treated very successfully.

Nurse listening to child's heartIt may be also be helpful for you to understand a few facts treatment of cardiac problems in children. After your child has been diagnosed with a heart problem, physicians must decide on the most effective strategy to treat that problem. Taking into account such factors as the nature and severity of the problem, physicians can choose from a variety of treatment options. Your physician may choose to closely observe your child closely for a period of time if an intervention is not yet necessary. If a treatment is necessary, physicians can choose from a variety of therapies including medications, interventional cardiac catheterization, or surgery.

CMS has eight approved cardiac centers. We make sure these centers provide the best care for your child by monitoring these facilities every three years. CMS is here to help with whatever treatment option is best for your child. The CMS Cardiac Program has many ways to help you including a network of community based clinics and the eight CMS approved facilities which include: