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Children's Medical Services - Special services for children with special needs
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CMS Network
Frequently Asked Questions

My child is clinically eligible for the CMS Network but my family income is over the income limit. Can my child still get coverage from the CMS Network?

No. Financial eligibility for CMS Network benefit coverage is limited to Title XIX (Medicaid) or Title XXI (CHIP) funded children up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. If your income is above this limit, you may choose to enroll in full pay MediKids (ages 1 to 5) or Healthy Kids (ages 5 to 19) through the Florida KidCare program.

Where will my child see his/her doctors?

Your child's care will usually be provided in doctors' offices. You may see a doctor in a CMS Network clinic if your child's special situation requires it. As needed, your child's CMS Network care coordinator will work with you to schedule doctor visits.

Who do I call when my child is sick at night, on the weekend, or when we are out of town?

You should call your child's doctor. If it is a medical emergency, call 911 first. The next business day, call your CMS Network care coordinator.

Who do I get to assist me with making appointments and getting services?

Call your child's CMS Network care coordinator.

Will my child's doctors each have full knowledge about my child's condition and care?

Your CMS Network care coordinator will make sure that copies of office notes and test results from visits with each doctor are shared with all known providers involved in your child's care. Additionally, the CMS Network care coordinator will share information with them regarding your child's care plan and CMS Network clinic visits.

Who do I call if I don't understand something about my child's diagnosis, medication, or treatment?

You can call the doctor's office or your CMS Network care coordinator to get details on all of your child's care information.

What is my role in the care of my child?

As the parent or guardian of a child with special health care needs, you are the most important member of your child's health care team. You will always have the support of a CMS Network care coordinator whether you need assistance with transportation, interpretation of what your child's primary care doctor or specialist has said, or any other aspect involving your child's care.