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The Bay County Health Department STD program makes every attempt to help eliminate the spread of STDs in the community. Positive STD cases are treated appropriately and contacts to those cases are identified and offered appropriate testing and subsequent treatment.

The Bay County Health Department provides comprehensive testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Fees for these services are based on a sliding-fee scale according to income. All services are confidential and minors can be treated without parental consent.

Abstinence is stressed to guarantee no unwanted pregnancies and freedom from STDs.

Clients are evaluated for STDs in the integrated clinic where testing is performed for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and/or HIV. Female clients are offered pap screening.

Partner notification is available through our Disease Intervention Specialists and clients with syphilis are case managed by a nurse to ensure completion of treatment.

Testing for hepatitis A, B, and C, is available at no cost to clients meeting specific Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. If appropriate, vaccine for hepatitis A and B is subsequently available to those clients at no cost.

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