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The purpose of the School Health Program is to provide nursing services to appraise protect and promote the health status of the 27,000 students in the Bay District Schools. School health services supplement, rather than replace, parental responsibility. This program is designed to encourage parental awareness of their child's health status; discover and prevent health problems; and encourage the use of physicians, dentists and community health agencies' services.

Bay County continues to have a successful School Health Program to service 37 schools. A school Health Nurse provides the required screenings for vision, hearing, height, weight and Scoliosis to the appropriate grades as well as immunization follow-up. Our School Health Nurses serve as a resource to school personnel and present a variety of health information on a wide variety of topics including Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Teen Pregnancy, Puberty, Dental Hygiene, Sun and Bicycle safety and other age relevant topics.  

For more information about the School Health Program contact Kathy Soto at (850) 872-4455 ext 1196.

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Children's Illness Link PDF - 28KB (opens in a new window)

Children's illness:* Top 5 causes of missed school

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My child has a chronic health condition, what do I need to tell the school?

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School and Diabetes

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School Lunches

School Guidlines for Manging Students with Food Allergies Link (opens in a new window)

School Guidelines for Managing Students with Food Allergies*

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Physician’s permission form* for medication administration

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