Calhoun County Health Department
Healthy Start Services


Healthy Start Services are free except where noted.
Telephone number: (850) 643-2415 Ext 227, 246, and 249

 Blue Line

If it is long distance to call Bristol, you may call the Calhoun County Health Department at (850)674-5645 Ext 5, you will be transferred to the Liberty County Health Department, then dial extension 227, 246, or 249.

Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PEPW) - Pregnant women are eligible for a special Medicaid program that will cover the expense of prenatal care and delivery. When a woman has a positive pregnancy test she needs to call the Healthy Start Office immediately to set up an appointment. Healthy Start staff will determine her eligibilty for Medicaid and provide her with temporary coverage, complete the application for ongoing coverage and assist her in making an appointment with a prenatal care provider.
Smoking Cessation Counseling – The health department offers classes to help Moms and their families to quit the smoking habit once and for all. Individual counseling and the approved use of the Nicotine Patch assist smokers in quitting for good.
Childbirth Education – Knowledge is power. Information on pregnancy, labor and birth help Moms and their families deal with childbirth. Education focuses on relaxation, breathing techniques, and other methods to cope with the pain that can be associated with the birth of your baby.
Parenting Support and Education – Classes assist new families in learning skills that make them better parents. These classes help parents to understand their child’s “job” as they grow up. Moms, Dads, and grandparents are given practical solutions to the day to day challenges that may come up.
Breastfeeding Education and Support – Qualified staff assist Moms with preparing for and successfully initiating breastfeeding.

Nutrition Assessment and Counseling – Mothers who are in need of basic instruction in both prenatal and infant nutrition are referred to the Cooperative Extension Office for classes in nutrition. WIC is also a valuable resource for all pregnant women and their children.
Psychosocial Counseling and Stress Management – Pregnancy and the birth of a baby can be stressful for many women and their families. After an initial assessment by the Healthy Start Nurse, those in need may be referred for counseling or stress management classes.
Car Seat Program – Families who are unable to purchase a car seat may be eligible for the Car Seat Program. If you are on any kind of public assistance or WIC, and you are the Mother, Father, or legal guardian of an infant or toddler, you meet the requirements for the program. There is a small fee of $10.00 for the car seat, which is valued at about $65.00. The Mom, Dad, or legal guardian of the child, are the only ones who may apply for the program. Attendance at the class, along with the $10.00 fee, is mandatory to receive a car seat. Children may not attend the class, and babysitting is not provided.

Family Planning Medicaid -Any woman, age 14-50, who has lost Medicaid coverage is eligible for this special Medicaid program.