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Midtown PACE EH



Midtown Heat (Health Equity Action Team) - Florida Department of Health - PACE EH

Welcome to the Midtown HEAT (Health Equity Action Team) a PACE EH initiative



Community Events


The Midtown Health Equity Action Team (HEAT) meets the fourth Thursday of every month from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the BCU Center for Civic Engagement at 740 International Speedway Blvd.


The Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health or PACE-EH is a tool designed to encourage local health officials and community members to work together to identify and address community environmental health issues. Residents of the community voice concerns and prioritize issues, while the PACE EH Steering Committee assists in facilitating the process by organizing meetings, speakers, and identifying funding opportunities.

The PACE-EH Steering Committees focus is on the Midtown area of Daytona Beach. This community has multiple health and socio-economic disparities that exist as compared to the city and state as a whole. For example:

  • Average Household Income of $22,486

  • More single parent households (3,309)

  • Infant mortality rate 3 times higher than state rate

  • Poverty rate 2.36 times the overall state rate

Thus there are significant grounds for a community intervention in this area to improve neighborhood environment conditions and the collective health of residents through utilization of the PACE-EH process.

The area which encompasses the PACE-EH project boundary for the Midtown community was based upon input from the PACE-EH Steering Committee. The project area includes the previous boundaries designated as the Central City Front Porch Community and the existing Midtown Redevelopment Zone.


Meeting Minutes Other Documents Initiatives

12-19-2013 (pdf - 95 kb)

11-21-2013 (pdf - 112 kb)

10-31-2013 (pdf - 115 kb)

09-26-13 (pdf - 122 kb)

08-29-2013 (pdf - 122 kb)

07-25-2013 (pdf - 123 kb)

06-27-2013 (pdf - 97 kb)

05-30-2013 (pdf - 123 kb)

03-28-2013 (pdf - 90 kb)

02-28-2013 (pdf - 123 kb)

01-24-2013 (pdf - 123 kb)

Archived 2012 Meeting Minutes

Archived 2011 Meeting Minutes

Health Impact Assessment Summary

Forces of Change Final Report - Sept. 27, 2012

Midtown Pace EH Project (.ppt - 5 mb)
or text version (.pdf - 132 kb)

PACE-EH Project - Final Survey Results

Summary (.pdf - 258 kb)

Presentation  (.pdf -1.21 mb)

Presentation Text Version (.pdf - 44 kb)


01-01-2012 (.pdf - 1.5 mb)

Walkability Audit
(.pdf - 685 kb) (.txt 22 kb)

Food Accessibility
(.pdf - 2.65 mb) (.txt 17 kb)

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