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Environmental Health - Programs - Arbovirus (Mosquito-Borne Illness)


Viruses that are carried by mosquitoes are called arboviruses. The health department partners with Volusia County Mosquito Control to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne illness in the community. Mosquito Control agencies located statewide monitor mosquito populations.

Sentinel chickens are monitored and tested for exposure to arboviruses. Chickens are good sentinels because they do not get sick from these viruses or transmit them to humans. Horses with Eastern equine encephalitis or West Nile ma be the first indicator that an arbovirus is in an area. Dead birds are an indicator that West Nile virus may be in an area. Please report dead birds by visiting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Surveillance for Wild Bird Die-offs website or you may also call your local health department.

When mosquito populations are large and virus is detected, mosquito control activities are increased- press releases and public education activities are issued to increase awareness of personal protection measures.

List of Arboviruses

  • Eastern equine encephalitis
  • Western equine
  • St. Louis encephalitis
  • LaCross virus
  • West Nile virus

Page last updated: 07/9/13