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Environmental Health - Programs - Migrant Farmworkers


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The objective of this program is prevent the transmission of communicable disease among migrant farm workers and the communities where they reside. The Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) rules governing migrant farmworkers' camps are found in Chapter 64E-14, F.A.C. 100,000 to 150,000 migrant farmworkers and their families annually travel and work in Florida. The migrant labor camp program currently issues over 650 permits in 31 counties assuring that migrant farmworkers and families live in housing that meets or exceeds standards set by law.

Regional consultants to county health departments ensure uniformity and continuity with the migrant labor camp program rule and procedures by providing technical assistance for:

  • On-site evaluations
  • Evidence collection
  • Investigations
  • County migrant program reviews
  • Recommendations

Permits for migrant farmworker housing are issued by the Volusia County Health Department and the fees vary based on the type of facility and the number of residents.

If you have any general questions related to migrant farmworker housing permits please visit the Florida Department of Health Migrant Farmworker Housing website.

Page last updated: 12/26/13