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Environmental Health - Programs - Public Swimming Pool


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The Environmental Health Engineering Staff (EHES) reviews the application and plans for the construction of all new or modified public swimming pool facilities in Volusia and Flagler Counties. The different facilities include swimming pools, therapy spas, wading pools as well as special water feature attractions. Once these pools are permitted and constructed, EHES performs final engineering inspections prior to issuance of the operating permit. These inspections assure compliance with the applicable standards and that all of the equipment is functioning as designed. EHES also conducts sanitary surveys of all proposed public-bathing facilities such as lakes and springs. These surveys are performed to determine if environmental conditions are acceptable for approval as a new bathing area.

Staff routinely inspect public swimming pools and spas which serve hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings and other public facilities. Inspections are conducted to check on such items as water chemistry, safety equipment and pump room equipment.


Inspecting a Public Swimming Pool

Date released: July 29, 2010
Running Time: 2 minutes 56 seconds
Author: Volusia County Health Department
Series Name: Volusia Magazine

Public Information Officer Stefany Strong takes us out to the a local public swimming pool to follow Environmental Health Specialist, Suzanne Grubbs - for a swimming pool inspection - in this segment of Community Health Matters.



Public bathing places are also monitored by the Department. There are very few beaches, lakes, streams, rivers or springs that meet Florida's criteria for approved bathing places, due to our climate's high median temperature and the possibility of infection from microorganisms.

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