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Office of Vital Records

The Office of Vital Statistics is responsible for the recording and issuance of certified copies of Birth and Death Certificates.

To protect the privacy of sensitive information and to prevent identify theft, Birth Certificates are not public records and the cause of death on a Death Certificate is not public record. As required by state law, we restrict access to these certificates, but they are readily available to the individuals, family members and guardians or beneficiaries. We require requesting individuals to produce photo identification and/or other documentation before releasing these confidential records or portions of the records.

There are fees associated with obtaining these records. Please see the FAQ section below for the associated costs.

Death Certificates

Currently, our office can only provide Death Certificates for deaths that occurred in the State of Florida from 2009 to the present. Due to the recent upgrade to electronic death records, it may be possible to request a death certificate that occured anywhere in the State of Florida from 2009 to the present. Please call 352-334-7970 for verification.

Who can obtain a certified copy of a Death Certificate?

What Information is needed for Death Certificates?

Birth Certificates

A majority of the time, copies of birth certificates are requested for identification, to prove citizenship and for other purposes. The State Office of Vital Statistics, located at 1217 Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL (904-359-6900), maintains the original copies of the birth records from all counties within the State of Florida. The Florida Department of Health in Alachua County provides you with a certified certificate that you can legally keep and use.

The Florida Department of Health in Alachua County, Office of Vital Statistics, can access birth records for anyone born within the State of Florida from 1930 to the present. All others prior to 1930 would need to be requested from the State Office of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville.

Who can obtain a copy of a Birth Certificate?

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What is the cost to obtain a Birth or Death Certificate?

How do I obtain a copy of a Birth or Death Certificate?

Birth Certificate Request Form
Death Certificate Request Form

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