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Swimming Pools

This Department regulates all public pools and bathing places as defined in Chapter 64E-9 of the Florida Administrative Code. This regulation is considered a significant factor in the prevention of disease, sanitary nuisances, and accidents.

All proposed new constructions and modifications to existing pools require approval from the Department. Annual Permits issued by the Department are valid from July 1 through June 30. These permits must be applied for and renewed annually.

Contact Information

Program Supervisor: Anthony Dennis
All questions regarding the Pool program can be addressed by calling the main Environmental Health phone number: 352-334-7930.


Permit Type


Pool and Bathing Places greater than 25,000 gallons


Pools of 25,000 gallons or less


Exempted Condominiums with over 32 units


Non-Routine Inspection



Florida Department of Health Swimming Pool page

Regulatory Code

Chapter 64E-9 Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Places

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