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Environmental Health

Tanning Facilities

The Bradford County Health Department inspects all permitted tanning facilities a minimum of two times per year to ensure that minimum health and safety standards are met.  There are risks associated with overexposure to ultraviolet light from tanning beds and booths as there are with overexposure to sunlight.  Tanning facility staff will advise you about the maximum exposure time for the particular device you will use, the operations of emergency shutoff controls, the requirement for protective eyewear, and the location of personal hygiene facilities.  Tanning bed surfaces and protective eyewear must be sanitized between uses.

Permits are valid from October 1st through September 30th and must be applied for and renewed annually.  For more information and to download and application, click here or call (904) 964-7732.


Annual license fee (One device) $150.00
Each Additional Device $55.00
Total Fee not to exceed $315.00