MANAGED SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  Protecting our Water

In an effort to maintain the surface water and groundwater quality standards in Charlotte County, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the Florida Administration Commission acting on behalf of the Department of Community Affairs issued Final Order AC89-5 that accepted the non sewer solution as a managed septic program. Additionally FDEP required the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) through Permit No. 08-0210682-001 to implement a program within 180 days, to ensure that septic systems within the drainage area of the Manchester Waterway be appropriately pumped out and maintained in a functional condition. This area includes the Manchester and Spring Lake Basin.

Alligator Bay Basin

On August 28, 2007 BOCC passed (County Ordinance No. 2007-061) that required the Charlotte County Health Department (CCHD), a Division of the Florida Department of Health, to develop and administer a program that would regularly service and inspect the area in question, and to adopt a fee schedule to defray the expenses. CCHD is responsible for administering and regulating onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems within the county.

Specifically, the Final Order and DEP permit require the program (managed septic systems) to be enforced until all affected residences are placed on a sanitary sewer system.

To comply with the FDEP permit and county ordinance, residences must obtain an operating permit every five (5) years, costing $115, from the Charlotte County Health Department and provide proof of a pump-out as well as verification of tank integrity from the pump-out company. CCHD will monitor the managed septic tanks in order to ensure that all systems are working properly. The monitoring includes evaluation of properties and maintaining the septic tracking data base.

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Department of Community Affairs Final Administrative Order AC89-5 (.pdf / 1.52mb)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Permit No. 08-0210682-001 (.pdf / 7.65mb)
Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners Ordinance 2007-061 (.pdf / 49.83kb)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection interoffice memorandum (.pdf / 24.6kb)

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Revised List of Septic Installers
for Charlotte County

Who must participate in the managed septic systems program? And how?

  • Properties with non Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU) in the Manchester Waterway drainage area.
  • Property owner must obtain an operating permit from the Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County.
  • Property owner must provide proof of pump-out and tank integrity.


Keeping Your Septic System Health Tips:

1. Having the system inspected and pumped frequently. (every 3-5 years).
2. Body Waste and toilet papers are the only items that should be flushed.
3. Donít drive or park on any components of your septic system.
4. Keep roof drains and other rainwater from impacting your drain field.
5. Plant only grass over and near the septic system. Roots can damage the system.
6. Do not introduce paint, poisons, or excessive cleaning compounds since they kill the bacteria that keep your system working.
7. Repair leaks as excessive water can cause your system to fail.


If you have questions in regards to managed septic systems, contact Environmental Health at (941) 743-1266, or contact us via the web!

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