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Q: How do I get my medical records from the health department?

If you need your medical records, you may fill out this medical records release form.

Q: I heard the health department is not going to offer primary care anymore. How will this affect me?

Learn more about the changes to health department primary care services.

Q: What do I have to do if I want someone else to bring my child in for an appointment?
  We need a notarized statement (.pdf / 400.45kb) from the parent with the persons name who can bring the child, the specific date of the visit and what the visit is for. Call 941-624-7200 for an appointment.
Q: I am on a fixed income and pumping out my septic system is very expensive. Why is it so important for me to have my septic system pumped out?

Most people moved to Charlotte County because of the pristine environments and the beautiful water ways and beach areas.  Keeping those areas beautiful is everyone’s duty.  As far as prevention of contamination from sewage, a central sewer system is the most effective way to protect the environment.  Properly maintained septic tanks can be a short-term solution, however like any other device, they must be properly maintained.

Routine pumping is vital to the long-term health of your septic system. If the system is not well maintained, it will fail prematurely leading to an expensive repair or replacement. To repair or replace a septic tank can cost $5000 to $12,000. Septic systems are designed to hold only so much solid waste before they must be pumped out. When the solids accumulate beyond that point the system is unable to adequately process the waste material. The solids can leach into the drain field, clogging up the system and ultimately leading to your septic system failing. Routine pumping (every 3 to 5 years) of your septic system will help assure that it functions properly for many years to come.

Q: How much is an office visit? Is there a minimum or maximum on how much money I earn?
  The cost of an office visit is based on several items. First, you need to schedule an appointment for a financial screening at any of our two locations before you make an appointment for a clinic office visit. A financial screening will decide the amount you are expected to pay during your visit. You will be given a list of items to bring to your financial screening including proof of income.  Based on your income, your cost may be 0 to 100% for office visits and lab tests. We accept Medicare and Medicaid. Call 941-624-7200 for an appointment. The Port Charlotte clinic on Loveland Blvd, is no longer accepting new adult patients unless they have been assigned by their insurance to this health department. Read about the Englewood Clinic.
Q: How much longer is the wait going to be?
  We try to stay on time, but like any other practice we do have to spend longer than anticipated with some clients.  Be certain that when your turn comes, you will get the time and attention you need as well. 
Q: Why did that client go in before me and they came in after me?
  Not every appointment is for the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.  There are many programs that are going on during the course of the day, including a nurse clinic that deals with it's own scheduled clients.
Q:  I thought the Health Department was free?
  The health department is supported by state and local funding.  It does not cover the entire cost of the health care delivered.  We offer state mandated services as well as other services that are not state mandated.  That is why a financial screen is so important to have done before you have your visit with the Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or specialty clinic.  This screen determines the cost you will pay for your care based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  There are some components of the Health Department that are available at no cost.  This includes immunizations for children up to age 19, birth control methods to include condoms, birth control pills, birth control shots, IUD's and other methods of birth control.  You would, however, be responsible for the physical exam that is necessary for birth control methods.
Q: Do I need a parent to get on birth control?
  No you do not.  Each of the county health department clinics provide confidential family planning. Call 941-624-7200 for an appointment.
Q: Do I sign up for Medicaid/Medicare at the Health Department?

No. Clients can apply for Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance online at www.myflorida.com/accessflorida , you can go to the Department of Children and Families, or Charlotte County Human Services which will provide a computer to assist you with applying.

For Medicare, clients can apply at the social security office or online at www.ssa.gov  

Q: I have mold in my home. Does the Health Department respond to mold problems?

No. The Health Department does not respond to mold problems. For information about mold contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Q: I have mosquitoes! Does the Health Department respond to mosquito problems?

No, but Charlotte County Government does. Visit their informative Pest Management Website, which includes a spraying schedule and map.

Q: Who I contact if I have questions about unsanitary conditions at restaurants, food borne illness and restaurant inspections?

Contact The Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

Q: Are shots/immunizations for my children free?

Yes! All recommended childhood vaccines are offered without charge to any school age child (through age 18). See what the immunization schedule is and what you need to bring for your child's appointment. Call 941-624-7200 for an appointment.

Q: Do you provide travel/overseas vaccines?

No. We do not provide immunizations for adults planning on traveling abroad. You can get the recommended travel immunizations at Lee County Health Department or Sarasota County Health Department. The CDC has information on vaccinations for travelers.


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