Public Health Workers

Core Competencies
Preparedness Core Competencies

Effective public health emergency preparedness and response depends upon the coordinated efforts of multiple people from many different agencies.

Some emergencies and disasters could require the mobilization of MOST or ALL public health workers. Therefore, ALL public health workers need to learn what their roles may be in these situations.

Mastery of the Core Public Health Worker Emergency Preparedness and Response Competencies is the first step for the public health team. ALL public health workers should be able to:

Shelter CotsDescribe the public heath role in emergency response in a range of emergencies that might arise. (E.g. “This department provides surveillance, investigation and public information in disease outbreaks and collaborates with other agencies in biological, environmental, and weather emergencies.”)

Chain of command - Organizational ChartDescribe the chain of command in emergency response

Identify and locate the agency emergency response plan (or the pertinent portion of the plan).

Describe his/her functional role(s) in emergency response and demonstrate his/her role(s) in regular drills

Walkie-TalkiesDemonstrate correct use of all communication equipment used for emergency communication (phone, fax, radio, etc.).

Describe communication role(s) in emergency response:Press

o       Within agency

o       Media

o       General public

o       Personal (family, neighbors)

Identify limits to own knowledge/skill/authority and identify key system resources for referring matters that exceed these limits.

Apply creative problem solving and flexible thinking to unusual challenges within his/her functional responsibilities and evaluate effectiveness of all actions taken.

Recognize deviations from the norm that might indicate an emergency and describe appropriate action (e.g. communicate clearly within the chain of command).

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