I'm Not Ready!

If you are not ready to have sex, then you must have a plan in place on how to let the other person you are interested in aware of your decision.  If you have doubts, concerns or worries it means you are probably not ready for sexual intercourse.  Communicate your feelings with the people you date, and tell them your reasons for choosing to wait.  Sex and love is not the same thing.  Love has to do with emotion and feelings.  Sex has to do with the emotion and physical events.
The word for not having sex is called sexual abstinence.  Some think it is foolish to wait and not to have sex but there are some really cool things about abstinence.



  •  Choosing not to have sex, oral, anal, or vaginal is the best way to protect yourself.  It is still possible to get an STD without sex - through skin to skin contact (herpes and genital warts).

  • It gives you a chance to consider your own personal values and feelings.  If something doesnít feel right itís best to wait until it does feel right.

  •     Choosing not to have sex gives you the opportunity to express your love without sex.

  • Study together

  • Share your dreams and goals

  • Go to the movies

  • Get to know each other's likes and dislikes

  • Go for a walk

  • Talk on the phone, email or text message

Express Love Without Sex

Before you date, set your limits

1.       Eye to eye

2.       Hand to hand

3.       Hand to waist

4.       Hand to face

                          5.  Face to face

Proceed With Caution

Stop Before You Go Too Far

6.             Hand to breast (outside clothing)

7.             Hand to genitals (outside clothing)

8.             Hand to breast (inside clothing)

9.             Hand to genitals (inside clothing)

  10.  Intercourse or oral sex

It's ImportantÖto remember to be careful that these activities donít go too far, because they can also lead into a situation that will make you uncomfortable.  If you havenít planned before hand on how far youíre willing to go, and stick to your limits, it might be difficult to say "NO" after things get hot and heavy. 





Öavoid being alone with someone in a home when there are no adults around.  Many teens have reported that they have been forced to have sex, smoke, and do drugs when no one was there to protect them.  Be a part of a group of friends that make the same commitment to remain abstinent, or at least respect your decision to be abstinent, and to be there when you need encouragement, and help you remain strong.  Empower yourself; set limits and boundaries, and stick to them.



no one has the right to force you to do something (sexual or not) you donít want to do,



   you donít have the right to force someone else either!

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