Talking to your parents about sex


The time has come for you to have the “TALK” with your parents.  Just the thought of it makes you nervous.  Trust me, it’s a natural feeling but don’t let your fears prevent you from talking to your parents.  If you are thinking about having sex then a sign of maturity is being able to have this discussion with your parents.  Here’s some advice to help you.



Make sure you pick a convenient TIME and LOCATION to have this discussion.  During dinner in front of your six year old brother – not a good idea.


Make sure there won’t be any DISTRACTIONS for you or parents.  No text messaging your friends as you are talking to your parents.
3 Please don’t let your first words be, “mom, dad, I want to have sex.”  Instead say, “mom, dad, I want to talk.  This is a little awkward for me but I want to have an open and honest discussion with you.”
4 Be DIRECT and don’t beat around the bush. 
5 Your parents will probably react to the discussion.  Give them time to be comfortable with the discussion and the outcomes of the discussion.
6 Share with them why you feel like you are ready to be sexually active.  Trust me your parents are going to ask you “WHY” you want to become active.  Replying with “just because I want to” will tell your parents how “not ready” you are to have sex.
7 Remain calm even if you might not agree with your parents.  Don’t be combative; they have your best interests.
Mother and Daughter hugging LISTEN - to your parents, they do have experience in this matter (you're here aren't you?), and they are an invaluable resource.

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