Dixie County Health Department

  Dixie County Health Department


149 NE 241 Street
Cross City, FL 32628

Phone (24/7):

(352) 498 - 1360

Table of Organization

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Services Available

Children's Health

Primary Care
Dental Care
School Health  

Women's Health
Family Planning
Maternity Care  

Community Health

Primary Care for Adults

Public Health Services

Sexually Transmitted Infections (testing and counseling)
AIDS (testing and counseling)
Tuberculosis Control
Registered Dietician Counseling
Communicable Disease Surveillance/Investigation Services  

Vital Statistics

Birth Certificates
Death Certificates  

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Public Health Preparedness and Response  

Environmental Health

Food Hygiene Inspections
Group Care Facility Inspections
Limited Use Public Water System Services
Migrant Labor Camp and Field Sanitation Inspections
Mobile Home, Lodging, Recreational Vehicle Parks and Recreational Camp Inspections
Mosquito-Borne Disease Surveillance
Onsite Sewage (septic tanks)
Permitting and Inspections Private Well Permitting and Testing
Public Swimming Pool Inspections
Rabies Surveillance and Control Services
Sanitary Nuisance Services
Tanning Inspections