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Health Education Risk Reduction Program

This program aims to reach persons at increased risk of becoming infected with HIV or, if already infected, of transmitting the virus to others. The goal of the program is to reduce the risk of these events from occurring. Our activities are directed to persons whose behaviors or personal circumstances place them at risk. The program activities include street and community outreach, risk reduction counseling, individual and group level interventions, health communication/public information seminars and community level intervention.

The following are the services offered:

AIDS 101: This is a one-hour class that provides basic information on HIV/AIDS. This is an informative session about HIV transmission and prevention and also seeks to reduce discrimination towards persons with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS 104: This is a four-hour class that provides information on basic immunology, virology, transmission, testing, disease process, prevention measure, infectious control, legal and ethical issues, and treatment. This class is designed for audiences that require instruction in HIV/AIDS to comply with Florida Statutes.

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Other Services

  • Presentations / Small and Large Groups

  • Health Fairs / Booths

  • Free Testing - Blood Screening, Oral Sure Tests

  • Educational Materials including videos

    For more information please contact Keith Blocker at 850-875-8794