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Hand Washing


Hand washing is the number one prevention of food-borne outbreaks.
For more information see the Online Food Hygiene Training Manual or visit the website at Fresh from Florida

For more information visit the Florida Department of Health regulated facilities website http://www.doh.state.fl.us/Environment/ephdata/Food_Hygiene.html


The most effective way to prevent infection is good personal hygiene.
This includes:
bullet graphic  Covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
bullet graphic  Washing your hands frequently with soap and water; this is especially important after using the bathroom, before handling food, and after touching animals.
bullet graphic  Thoroughly washing and cooking your food.
Disease Control includes:

bullet graphic  Monitoring and investigating reports of communicable diseases by working with doctors, hospitals, health professionals and the public to find the source of the infection and the mode of its spread, to identify those at risk of becoming infected, and to control the spread.
bullet graphic  Providing reports to the State Department of Health on Reportable Diseases and Outbreaks.
bullet graphic  Providing education and consultation to individuals and groups in our community such as the public, physicians, hospitals, day care centers, schools, nursing homes, veterinarians, animal control, and others.
bullet graphic  For more information, call (850) 539-2888

bullet graphic  NEW! Salmonella and Easter Chicks and Ducklings handout
bullet graphic  Florida Dept. of Health Bureau of Epidemiology
bullet graphic  CDC