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Rabies Control

All animal bites within Gulf County should be reported to the rabies control program for investigation and follow-up. Animal bites are investigated to prevent the spread of rabies in the pet population and to humans. While rare, this disease is of great public health concern since it is almost always fatal. Rabies vaccination of pet animals by a licensed veterinarian is extremely important, and required by law in the State of Florida. All animal bites, regardless of severity, must be reported to the FL DOH inGulf County Environmental Health Department. The information collected in these reports helps to determine whether human anti-rabies vaccine is called for as a precaution to prevent infection by the rabies virus. If conditions warrant it, biting animals are tested for the rabies virus by one of the Department of Health's regional laboratories.

To report an animal report bite please call GCEHD at (850) 227-1276 ext 125.
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