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Environmental Health

The Florida Department of Health in Lafayette County provides a range of Environmental Health Services. Our goal is to keep our environment safe for our community. We do this by offering the following services:

  • Regulation, permitting and inspection of Septic tank systems
  • Regulation and inspection of public swimming pools and public bathing places
  • Regulation and inspection of group care facilities, migrant labor camps, recreational camps and parks, and mobile home parks
  • Regulation and inspection of tanning salons and massage establishments
  • Regulation and inspection of food hygiene service facilities in schools
  • Investigate complaints of sanitary nuisances
  • Investigate cases and outbreaks of food or waterborne diseases
  • Investigate rabies incidents

Fees are charged for regulation, inspection and permitting services. Please call our Environmental Health office at (386) 294-1321 for fee information.

Some Environmental Health Services are only available on certain dates. For more information call 386-294-1321 or contact Mike Mitchell at 386-362-2708 extention 245.

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