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Florida Administrative Codes for Environmental Health

Chapter Title Chapter No. Statute
Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems 64E-6 381.0065 , 489
Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Places 64E-9 514
Food Hygiene 64E-11 381.0072
Community-Based Residential Facilities 64E-12 381.006(16)
School Sanitation 6A-2.0040 381.006(6)
Migrant Labor Camps 64E-14 381.008
Mobile Homes and Recreation Parks 64E-15 513
Biomedical Waste 64E-16 381.0098
Tanning Facilities 64E-17 381.89
Tattooing Facilities and Artists 64E-28 381.00771-381.00791
Certification of Environmental Health Professionals 64E-18 381.0101
Body Piercing 64E-19 381.0075
Clean Indoor Air Act 64I-14 386, Part II
Variance or Waiver to Rule 28-104 120.542
Sanitary Nuisance   386, Part I

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